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Elizabeth Verstappen

Sadadeen Primary School

Bob Fleming, from NT Sports & Playground Surfacing, played a significant role in designing and building our new playground at Sadadeen Primary School.

Stage one of our playground was part of a 2016 $2m ‘Boosting our Economy’ building project at Sadadeen, were Bob and his team worked with a construction company Probuild to establish a sensory garden area. This play area required thought given to the use of equipment and areas where children could rock, swing and climb and also enjoy the opportunity to sit quietly one on one with adults. Bob offered us very good advice on suitable equipment we could use, appropriate soft fall, edging and ground coverings. We valued Bob’s knowledge of the latest play equipment available and as a result we have a very modern and engaging play area.

We were keen to use Bob’s expertise to develop our playground further. As a unique school with a high number of Aboriginal students from town camp areas, our focus is on Trauma Informed Practice, which requires engaging outdoor spaces that can be used in many different ways.  We worked closely with Bob to create a playground that has far exceeded our expectations. Bob was encouraging and knowledgeable about all aspects of the design, compliance and suitability of equipment. He was timely at the construction phase and his team worked very quickly and efficiently. Bob always kept us in the loop and when problems arose he was able to effectively make changes and solve problems. Communication between the school and bob has been ongoing since the playground was completed in 2017 with advice on maintenance of equipment readily given.

I have recommended Bob to other schools and would have no hesitation in utilising his expertise if we receive any further funding in the future.

- Elizabeth Verstappen